My Favorite Movies - "Q" is for Galaxy Quest

"You broke the ship. You broke the bloody ship."

I didn't have a lot to choose from for "Q" - but of the movies available, this movie was my favorite. With a cast of Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman & Sam Rockwell, you know the movie is going to be good, regardless.

This movie was definitely entertaining. Tim Allen plays the commander of a space ship (a la Star Trek) in a now canceled television series. When the crew come back for a convention 18 years later, a group of real aliens need them to come to space to help them defeat a baddie. The actors all think it's a paying gig until they arrive in actual space and see the aliens in their real form. Of course, being actors, they have no real idea how to run the ship and with no one to feed them lines, they're just winging it.

The one-liners and chemistry between the actors are fabulous. You can almost feel the discord between the actors and their resentment for each other, especially Tim Allen. Of course it's a HEA and everyone becomes friends again at the end - it's fun to watch it happen and by the time you get to the end of the movie, you're really rooting for them.

It's rated PG but I think it's a pretty good family movie night movie. Enjoy!

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