Tick Tock Run by H.C. Elliston

Someone's coming for Chelsea – the DEATHCLOCK killer who will stop at nothing until she’s dead.

Instead of enjoying her best friend’s hen evening, receptionist Chelsea Denham is wondering why Lee, a handsome stranger in the bar, is questioning people about phrases she received by email that morning: ‘Tick Tock. Your number’s up. People have to pay for what they’ve done.’ The email contains a ticking countdown timer.

Her troubled best friend is forced to reveal a dark secret and her deepest fears. It puts a new slant on the problem but, according to Lee, the stakes haven’t altered; when the countdown timer in the email reaches zero... you die.

Tick Tock Run, H.C. Elliston's debut novel was deliciously thrilling. Imagine coming home from work and checking your email to find one marked "Urgent". You open the email to find a countdown clock and the words "Tick Tock. Your number's up. People have to pay for what they've done." written inside. Would you freak out? Well, Chelsea didn't at first. Not until she was out on the town, celebrating her best friend's bachelorette party and inadvertently overheard a sexy, handsome man talking about his brother's recent death. When he mentioned a countdown timer and the creepy phrases from the email, Chelsea couldn't help but ask him about it. What follows is a story of blackmail, false accusations, and edge-of-your-seat suspense that will keep you reading until the last page to find out who is responsible!

Who is a girl to trust? Her best friend, Laura, who's been impatient, snappy and mean lately? Laura's fiance, Paul, who is perfect for Laura but a little insecure? The dead brother's sibling, Lee, who insinuates himself into their lives and will stop at nothing to find out what really happened to his brother? Chelsea's friend, Jayne, who knew the deceased brother, Daryl, and tried to set him up with Chelsea on a date? Or is it someone Chelsea doesn't even know? Once you think you have the answer, toss it aside, trust me...it's so not who you think it is. But, I'm not telling you who...You'll need to read it for yourself!

What I will tell you is that H.C. Elliston's novel is set in Britain and you'll feel as if you're in Britain while you're reading. My favorite place on Earth is Britain, and I absolutely love the way the author brings it into her writing and makes the reader experience it. The culture, the accent, the setting; it's truly as if you're right there experiencing everything the characters are. The author's writing is strong, the characters are well-developed and the plot lines are solid. And for those of you who need closure at the end of your books, H.C. Elliston delivers - all the strings are tied off and you can walk away knowing all is good.

Tick Tock Run is a fabulous read, but don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself! And once you've finished, be sure to check out H.C. Elliston's other novels, as well. I promise, you won't be disappointed! She just released her fifth novel, Played By Them, a sequel to Played By You. I haven't had a chance to read Played By Them yet, but I do have my copy already and am excited to read it! Be on the lookout for a review of both of them here soon!

Want to learn more about H.C. Elliston and her projects? Find her on Twitter, Facebook...and on her Blog. And while you're on her website, be sure to check out her pet artwork. It's amazing!

Here's where you can find her novel on Amazon (kindle and paperback): Tick Tock Run

And on Barnes & Noble (paperback only): Tick Tock Run

Thanks for reading my review and for supporting Indie Authors. Happy Reading!! xo

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Thanks so much Heather for taking the time to write this! I feel honoured and privileged! You've made my day! Xxx

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