My Favorite Movies - "C" is for Clueless

After my post on Friday, and even my post on Saturday, you're probably wondering if I've lost my mind. Happily, I can tell you that's not the case! This movie brings back a ton of memories, was responsible for my embarrassing Valley Girl phase, and is now responsible for my various one-liners that most people don't get. It's a cult classic that's over 20 years old and while some of the lines may be out of date (Hello Elton, the 90's called and they want their Cranberries CD back), most everything else can be updated to fit in with the times.

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite lines from the movie, enjoy!

Cher: "Ugh. As if!"

Dionne: "Hello, that was a stop sign."
Cher: "I totally paused."

Amber: "Whatever"

Amber: “My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activity where balls are flying at my nose.”
Dionne: “Well, there goes your social life.”

Cher: "Oh my god, I am totally buggin'."

Tai: “If I’m too good for him, then how come I’m not with him?”

Dionne: “Murray, I have asked you repeatedly not to call me ‘woman.’”

Cher (to Tai about Amber): “She’s a full-on Monet. It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s okay. But up close, it’s a big old mess.”

Cher: “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and those only go on my feet.”

Cher: “That was way harsh, Tai.”

Cher: "So okay, I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don’t get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair (eww!) and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so." (This one, in my opinion, still applies today!)

Cher (about Josh): "OK, so he is kind of a Baldwin." (See, here is an example of the line requiring an update. Today we could use "OK, so he is kind of a Hemsworth.")

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I really need to see this movie again! Netflix, here I come...

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