January Was A Good Month

2014 is off to a good start. I finished the hard copy edits to B2D on Saturday evening and spent Sunday putting them into Scrivener. By Sunday night, the compile was ready - so off it went to the Beta Readers! I'm so excited to have my second novel a huge step closer to being in your hands!

Now that B2D is finished and out the door, I've been spending the past couple days catching up on housework and home chores before settling down to work on my next few projects. Up first is another short story from Mary for The Heart Between, then a special Mother's Day short story for a collection that's being put together for charity, and finally my next novel: Emily's Choice.

Emily's Choice is actually my very first novel! I wrote it as a senior in high school, but it's been on the shelf since then. It's gone through several rewrites, a few reinventions, and more than one temper tantrum. So, with two novels under my belt, I've decided to take this one out of the corner and get it done. I love this story, I love the characters and I want to bring their story to you. Unfortunately, the original draft - the one I wrote in high school - is lost, but I have the last couple drafts here...in hard copy and digitally. I wish I had that first draft, but maybe it's best I don't. I'm hoping that focusing solely on Emily, Jason and Sadie will allow their story to be told. My goal is to have this rewritten (again!), beta read, edited and published by the end of October -- this year!

Yes, that's right, this year! Because starting Nov. 1 (NaNoWriMo), I will be writing the sequel to To Love Twice. In preparation for that sequel, I'm writing short stories centered around Mary. These stories form Mary's childhood and young adulthood and will help you get to know Mary before you're thrust into her life 20 years later. The title for these stories is The Heart Between and I've published them on my site here: The Heart Between. My goal is to write at least one story a month, but with the craziness of getting B2D out the door to the beta readers this month, unfortunately, it didn't happen. I'm hoping to get at least two done for February, but we'll see how that all happens. The first story is up, it's about Kate & Edward's wedding. I hope you'll take a minute to read it!

How was your January? And are your goals for the new year coming to fruition? I hope so!



I am so excited for you! As an aspiring writer myself, I love to observe other writers' journeys and learn how they go about making their dreams a reality. Keep up the great work!

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