Time for a New Project

Well, now that To Love Twice is off to my writing group…it’s time for me to start a new project! While I had planned to pick up my first novel Emily’s Choice, I’ve actually decided to work on an idea I had a few years ago…True Love’s Revenge!

It was a windy night and the air was crackling with energy when I took my dog Tobie out for a walk before bed. While I was standing outside, waiting for him to do his business, I started to feel a bit creeped out. The idea for my newest project came that night. Instead of going to sleep, I went upstairs and wrote the outline for this novel.

It’s a story about unrequited true love and the lengths to which a couple will go to find each other again. Can Drake prove his love to Libby and will Libby be able to remember all the reasons she fell in love with him to begin with?

It’s time to find out…

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