My Favorite Movies - "G" is for Goonies

"Hey You Guuuuys!"

Goonies, one of my all time favorite kid movies. This movie has it all: bullies, adventure, romance, danger and pirate's treasure. It doesn't get any better than that. Released in 1985, Goonies is one of the typical 80's movies. The life lessons are abundant, the teenage angst laughable and the bonds of friendship are unbreakable. And the take-away quotes are enough to keep you going for a week, at least!

Chunk has it going on - he's funny without trying to be and the comic relief he provides is enough to keep the movie from being too dark. Mikey is the voice of reason and without him, the adventure never would have happened. Mouth, well, with a name like that - what do you expect? And then there's Data - the Asian boy who's smart as a whip and isn't shy about it.

The scenes where they're underground, going through the booby traps and working their way to the pirate's treasure - it's almost like Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom for kids! If you haven't watched this with your kids, I encourage you to make a bowl of popcorn and make it happen this weekend. It's still available on Netflix instant watch!

After all, Goonies never say die!

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I loved this movie when I was a kid. I haven't seen it in years, might have to dig it out :)

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