My Favorite Movies - "H" is for Hope Floats

Hope Floats begins with Birdee on a television talk show, thinking she's going to get a makeover. Instead, she finds out her husband is having an affair and wants to divorce her. When a movie begins that way, how can you not watch the movie in its entirety? What follows from that intense beginning is a movie full of drama, pain, love and acceptance.

I know a lot of people didn't like this movie and did not like Sandra Bullock or Harry Connick Jr. in their respective roles, but I thought both of them did an amazing job and they were perfect for the part. I loved this movie for its realness. This story happens in real life and I love that Hollywood made it.

I can't pick just one scene as a favorite, but I will say that I think the most powerful scene is when Bill (Birdee's ex-husband) tells Bernice that she can't go with him because he needs time alone with his new wife. Bernice is devastated and tries to chase Bill down the driveway. Birdee walks over, picks Bernice up and walks to the front porch with the struggling child. They sit on the front porch for a long time, Birdee holding Bernice, comforting her daughter and trying to take away the pain. I cry every single time I watch that scene.

You will need a box of tissues when you watch this movie, maybe even two boxes. But you won't be disappointed in the movie, this I promise. It will take you by the heart-strings and tug you along. You won't be able to escape, and when the story finishes, it will become a part of you forever.

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I love this movie and the soundtrack too!

My then girlfriend and I saw this in theaters and it really brought up how hard her divorce hit her. But we're married now for 16 years and it was a good way to communicate her insecurities at trusting another mate.

Love your Theme!

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