My Favorite Movies - "J" is for Jaws

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Jaws, the movie that made New Englanders afraid of the water for the first time in their lives. We're always told that the water in New England is too cold for sharks and so it's a rare, rare occasion to find a shark in northern waters. Then to have a man-eating shark terrorizing a tourist town, never happen. But it did, in glorious high definition, all gory and action-packed.

You're probably wondering why, out of all the J movies, this one is my's gory and terrifying - who could possibly love it enough to make it a favorite? Well, I'm from New England - Maine to be exact. The highest water temp there is the low-60's - in the middle of August. The likelihood of a shark attack there was minimal. But it made me think, made me imagine and made me just a tiny bit cautious of entering the water...and this, mind you, was maybe 10 years after the film was released. It was released two years before I was born! I love movies that can take me out of my current space and transport me to somewhere different. And this movie does that. I'm on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, my hands are gripped tightly in my lap and my heart rate is crazy.

Going back and watching it now - it's so much fun to see a young Richard Dreyfuss, a young Roy Scheider, to see so many actors that you don't see anymore. Robert Shaw is one of them - he died three years after Jaws was released.

I think the other thing I love about this movie is that it doesn't require humans attacking other humans to be scary. People have a genuine fear of sharks and this movie plays into that.

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I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've never seen Jaws... I remember catching a glimpse of "the scene" as a child and it was terrifying... scared of sharks to this day. Kind of figured I got the gist of the movie and never went back to watch it! haha

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I loved Richard Dreyfus, Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw in this movie. I saw it when it was first released as a teenager, and it was unbelievably scary. Funny to watch it as an adult and find the shark a little mechanical looking. But for the 70's it was tremendous! I'm in the challenge too at - Linda

I remember seeing Jaws years ago and then being afraid to go into the ocean and at the time we lived in the San Diego area close to the ocean. I was never much of an ocean swimmer and this made me less so :)

cute theme for the challenge!

have fun with the rest of it!


I LOVE this movie! It never gets old. I remember going to the theater to see it. It was so scary. And then I ended up buying the soundtrack. I read the book too. Can't get enough Jaws! Well, some of the successive Jaws were a little lame. Nothing compares to the first one!
GREAT choice for J!

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Jaws is one of the scariest films I have ever watched, I remember some of the scenes still, and that rumbling music was just terrifying. Couldn't get into even a tub without feeling a little anxious for quite a few days after :)

Chased the book down too and read it as well, one instance when the film and book are both great.

Happy A-Zing!
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This is one of my favorites, too!

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