My Favorite Movies - "K" is for Kindergarten Cop

"It's not a tumor!"

One of my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, ever. This was another movie that seemed to be on the television all the time and I had no qualms about watching often. I haven't watched it in years and after doing a little research for this blog post, I have an overwhelming desire to watch it.

I really enjoyed the way Arnold and Pamela Reed played off each other...She was so down-to-earth and when her husband showed up at the hotel to take care of her, it was the sweetest thing. I liked how she gave Arnold advice on how to deal with the kindergarteners, and when the roles were reversed, he gave her the same advice. "Show no fear." It's really true, but no one really understands it until you're faced with it.

The children's antics were the best though. From the boy whose father was a gynecologist (boys have a penis, girls have a vagina) to the little girl who stole the show (I'm not a policeman, I'm a princess) to the boy who ate everyone's lunch - you can't help laughing the whole way through the movie.

But then end, I cry every time. I won't spoil it here, but know that you'll need some tissues for the end.

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I was surprised that I liked this movie but it really was rather well done.
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