My Favorite Movies - "M" is for Maleficent & Mary Poppins

Princess Aurora: "Hello Godmother."
Maleficent: "Hello Beasty."

I loved that nickname so much I gave it to my youngest daughter and no joke she lives up to it! Next to Wicked, this is my favorite re-imagining of the old fairy tales. I adore getting to know the other side of the story and both sides have been excellent! I thought the story behind Maleficent's evil was well-thought out and believable. We've always been told that there is two sides to every story and forever we've only gotten one side. I was so excited to see this movie and was thrilled when my 7-year old wanted to see it. She loved it and decided on the spot to be Maleficent for Halloween.

The hardening and thawing of Maleficent's heart is a beautiful thing to watch. And if people allow themselves the opportunity, it can happen in their lives too. It's a wonderful lesson. Perhaps the greatest lesson though, is the lesson that true love takes all forms and there is no truer love than that between a mother and a child - and believe me, by the end of the movie, Maleficent is indeed Aurora's mother.

If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to. It was well-done and it's worth your time. I have a surprise for you today - a second favorite!

Mary Poppins - a true classic and every child's dream movie! Who didn't want their very own Mary Poppins when they were a child? The songs were catchy, the antics fun and the movie heart-warming!

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Mary Poppins is unpacking her carpet bag - when she pulls out that lamp and the children's eyes get so wide with disbelief. It's fabulous. Another favorite part is when they visit Uncle Albert and they all get the giggles. I can't help but join in the fun. This is one movie that I have been able to get the children to watch and while they don't love it like I do, they at least tolerate it.

Mary Poppins was released in 1964, can you believe it? Both of the movies, I feel the underlying theme is family - either the family you're born into or the family you make - both are important and worth saving.

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Blog hopping this Saturday afternoon from North Carolina. An addicted reader, I often think a movie is not as good as the book, but there is nothing better than a movie to remember. Merry Poppins is certainly one for me. Adding a few of mine....84 Charring Cross Road, A Good Year, What a Girl Wants, Chocolate. Like books, plenty to go around for everyone. If you have time or interest in hotels and inns, that's what my theme is this year. Hope to see you.

Maleficent was a terrific movie. The breaking-the-spell part was predictable, but I still loved everything after and before. Highly recommended watch!

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