Character Profiles

My muse is refusing to come out and play today, so I’ve been working on Character Profiles instead. These are pretty hard to do, imo, and I’m wondering how many of you do them?

A Character Profile is a list of questions regarding each of your characters. You’re supposed to fill them out and they’ll help you to identify all the characteristics of your characters. Things like their looks, their hometowns, their childhood hopes and dreams, temperament, etc. Then you have something to refer to as you’re writing or as questions crop up. How would my character react in this situation? Does my character have siblings? Things like that.

I don’t typically do these Character Profiles. I tend to create and ‘see’ my characters in my head and they evolve as the book evolves. I have a basic idea of their temperaments and know how they’d react in any given situation. Sometimes I forget details such as names of siblings or parent’s names or similar items and I have to refer back in my story. But the overall character is cemented in my mind.

So, are Character Profiles a waste of time? Are they only for certain authors? Or is it something that gets easier to accomplish the more you do it?

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