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I saw on Twitter the other day, someone tweeted “If you love a book, write a good review. I promise you will make the author’s day.” And I have to say, it’s so true.

I self-published my debut novel last week, and so far I’ve gotten 5 reviews - all 5/5 stars. And every time I read one, it really does make me smile and feel so good. I find myself checking Amazon throughout the day to see if someone new has reviewed my novel.

And now that I know what it feels like, I’m all about reviewing all the books I loved. So please, take the time to review. Unless you know the author personally, how else are you going to let them know how much you loved the book, and how much you appreciate them? It’ll take ten minutes tops, that’s not so much time out of your day to make someone smile and feel good, is it?

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