My motivation has been sorely lacking of late. I don’t know why, but whenever I sit down to write, I spend hours doing everything but writing. I spend time on twitter, facebook, emails, research and checking reviews. Then I spend time on finding free or inexpensive ways to market. At the end, I’m frustrated that I haven’t written one word and I promise myself that the next time I have some time to write, I’m going to do exactly that. It’s a vicious circle which feeds on itself.

I’ve heard all the advice on setting timers and making the writing app encompass the entire screen so the distractions are limited. I’ve done all this and more to no avail - at least lately. A part of me wonders if the story needs time to cook, or if I’m trying to force the story in a direction the characters don’t want to go, or if I just need a break. After all, To Love Twice was published just two months ago and I spent nearly all my waking hours for four months getting it ready.

If it’s a break I need, that is something I can do with no problem. My kids have three weeks of school left and between end of year parties, teacher gifts and the activities their involved in - any sane mom would need a break.

If the problem is force, well, maybe I need to sit down, read what I’ve got and take notes. My characters are probably speaking to me and I’m ignoring what they have to say. And going too much further would just create more editing and deleting work later down the line.

But if the problem is just the story needs some time to cook, then I just need to wait it out and hope it’s done soon. My typical response to this problem would be to pick up one of the other 13 stories I have started and work on that until this one finishes cooking. But the thought of getting involved with a different story right now is not a happy one. And that in itself is odd and could probably benefit from it’s own post.

So, I’ll give it some time, no rush, no panic, no stress for the long weekend and see what happens. Somewhere out there is my motivation, my muse, my need to write. I really wish it would come home soon!

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