You've Got Questions...

How do you come up with your book ideas?
How do you find the time to write?
Where do you write?

So many people ask me these questions over and over. I don’t mind, especially since it gives me a chance to really think about the answers and to see if they change.

Ideas have always come to me, that’s not really the hard part for me…at least not yet. I take a lot of my ideas from real life. I’ll find myself driving down the road and a scenario will pop in my mind. I’ll mull it around and see if I can make a full-length story out of it. Sometimes I’ll see a situation happening and I wonder if I can write my own version of it. When these ideas come to me and I’m not at my desk or computer, I grab scraps of paper to write the basic ideas down on. Or I open up the notepad on my cell phone. Or I open up the voice memo app on my phone (if I’m driving!). Sometimes it’s just easier to speak the ideas - I can speak faster than I can write/type sometimes.

Finding the time to write is a bit more difficult for me. I tend to bring a notebook and my notes with me wherever I go. I’m also not shy about skipping out on the hubby and kids at bedtime to get some peaceful writing time in. I don’t ever consider myself on vacation from writing. As any writer will tell you - ideas come at all times, they don’t really understand the term “vacation”. I fit my writing in everyday; whether it’s writing down ideas for future novels, adding a sentence or a chapter to my current novel, participating in a writing contest or even updating blogs - I try my best to do some sort of writing everyday.

Where do I write? EVERYWHERE! I mean it, everywhere. I take a notebook or my laptop with me everywhere I go. On vacation, to swimming lessons, to the park - every place where I know I don’t have to participate in what’s going on. I utilize the time wisely and get writing.

Something that amazes me every single time - being out and away from my desk makes my writing come alive. When I’m writing in a restaurant, I find that I have an easier time writing about crowds and atmosphere. When I’m out in nature, my writing reflects that. I love to get away from my desk and see what happens to my writing. Now, I realize if I ever get a contract, I won’t be able to do as much of that - only because I won’t be able to write when the mood/muse strikes. I’ll have to sit down and get it done. But for now, this writing style works for me.

Every writer has their own way of doing things. What works for me might not work for someone else. Part of the fun is branching out and seeing what does work and how it comes across in your writing. Who knows, maybe your laptop or notebook is looking forward to a date with the park…and maybe, just maybe, your writing will come alive too!

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