Who Is Evelyn Dae? By Sarah LaFleur

Evelyn Dae is an artistic teen with a mystery that even her closest friends can’t figure out.

Join Evelyn as she fishes for clues to her past, attempts to keep from drowning in her own secrets, and desperately tries not to plunge into a relationship with the new exchange student. Because she has rules.

Wow. Just Wow. This story by Sarah LaFleur was amazing!

Let's start with the cover. The art is simple, poignant and eye-catching. Ms. LaFleur's husband, Matt, is the illustrator for Who is Evelyn Dae?, Volume 1 & 2 - and you can understand why he is in demand. Simple speaks to me...and the artwork on the cover is a big reason I picked this story to read.

This is a story about a teenage girl. She writes and draws in her diary and as the story progresses, you get glimpses into her thoughts and heart. When she finds a box under her parent's bed, it begins a mystery that Evelyn is determined to solve. All while not falling in love with the hot exchange student and trying to figure out what the dreams/nightmares mean that she's been having lately.

The story is told by Evelyn through her voice and by using her diary entries and illustrations. I loved the way the story was laid out, with moments of "now" and flashback moments. I admit to crying a little bit when the pieces came together and Evelyn finally remembered her past. I felt Ms. LaFleur did a great job keeping us in suspense throughout the entire story. Unless you skipped ahead and read the ending, you really didn't know "for sure" what Evelyn's final decision was going to be. You knew what you hoped it would be, you knew what it could be...but you weren't really sure until the last page. I LOVE A BOOK LIKE THAT!

I recommend this book to everyone...and I mean everyone! It is a story I will be reading to my children again and again! Well done, Sarah & Matthew LaFleur. Very well done!

You can find Sarah LaFleur on her blog: LaFleur de Plume, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Goodreads. You can find Matthew on his website: LaFleur Illustration and on Twitter.

You can find on Amazon: Volume 1 and Volume 2

and on Nook: Volume 1 and Volume 2

Thank you for reading my review and for supporting Indie Authors! xoxo


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