Romantic Excerpt from To Love Twice

~~From Chapter 16~~

     The weekend was flying by too quickly. All too soon, Georgie was at the door to pick up Mary for the night. They’d enjoyed a lazy breakfast before heading to the beach. Mary had instantly wrapped Edward around her finger, and had used it quite to her advantage. Kate was a little afraid of how easily that particular skill had come to her. It didn’t bode well for her teenage years, for sure.

     “Edward, I’d like for you to meet my sister. This is Georgie,” Kate laughed at Georgie’s eye roll.
     “Edward, so nice to meet you,” Georgie said as she shook Edward’s hand. “Are you enjoying your visit?”
     “Very much,” Edward said.
     “Ah G!!! Ah G!!!” Mary yelled as she ran and launched herself at Georgie. “I’m sleeping at your house!”
     “Hi Sweet Pea! A little excited?”
     “Yes,” Mary said. “Mom’s having a date!”
     Georgie laughed. “Well, I’m glad you’re excited. Uncle Tim is taking us out to dinner tonight,” Georgie said as she lifted Mary’s bag and slung it over her shoulder.
     “PIZZA!” Mary yelled.
     “Pizza, it’s the only one way to this girl’s heart!”
     Edward sent a playful glare at Kate. “Why didn’t you tell me that? We could have had pizza for breakfast yesterday!”
     Laughing, Kate said “You didn’t need any help. She had you wrapped around her finger in five seconds. I’m still a little appalled at how quickly that all transpired. Makes me weep for the teenage boys.” Kate motioned toward Mary’s overnight bag. “All her gear is in there, lovey, clothes and some snacks. Want me to come down with you?”
     “No, no. We’re good,” Georgie said as she opened the door. “So nice to meet you Edward, enjoy the rest of your visit.”
     “Thank you, Georgie. It was a pleasure to meet you as well,” Edward held the door open for the duo.
     “I’ll text you tomorrow and let you know when I’ll be by to pick her up,” Kate said as she gave Mary one last hug and kiss.
     “No rush. We don’t get nearly enough time with her,” Georgie said. “See you tomorrow!”
     “Bye Mama! Wuv you!”
     “Bye Mary, have fun. I love you too!” She watched as they cruised down the hall to the elevator and waved goodbye as they stepped into the elevator. Sighing, she shut the door.
     “You didn’t have to send her away, Kate,” Edward soothed as he wrapped his arms around her.
     “I know,” Kate sighed. “I want to spend some time with you, just us. And Georgie is always asking for her share of time with Mary. I’m stingy, she’s my baby and I want her all to myself. I go a little nuts when she’s not here. It’s so much easier when I go away. I have work to focus on, touristy things to do. But to be in this apartment when she’s not, it feels wrong.”
     “Empty nest syndrome. That’s what my mum calls it. She said she had it bad after everyone left the house. She told me that she’d spent so many years, so much time and energy on us that when we’d all finally gone – she didn’t know what to do with herself. Had no idea how to occupy her time.”
     “Ugh, you mean it’ll get worse with time?”
     “I can’t even imagine it,” Kate shook her head. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I just need something to do. Something to take my mind off her not being here. Shall we go out?”
     Edward leaned his head down and nuzzled her ear. Taking a couple quick nips of her earlobe, he whispered “No.”
     Kate shivered. It was delicious, the feelings that he was creating in her. He slowly backed her up to the wall. Running his hands down her sides, he continued to explore her face with his lips. Slowly he kissed his way across her cheek and when his lips reached hers, passion exploded between them.
     Breaking away from the kiss, Edward groaned. “Kate, do you want me to stop?”
     “No, don’t stop. Please!” She tugged his shirt out of his jeans. Running her hands up his chest, she sighed in appreciation. His chest was like marble, finely chiseled. Warm and tan, she reveled in the feel of it as she ran her hands over his chest and back.
     “Our first time isn’t going to be up against a wall, Kate. Hang on to me,” Edward said as he lifted her in his arms. He carried her to her bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. He slowly raised her shirt over her head and flung it across the room. Looking down at her, he sighed in appreciation. “God Kate, you’re so beautiful.” He traced his lips across her collar bones and then down between her breasts. Sighing softly, he rested his forehead on her stomach. “I’ve dreamt of this since the first night we shared dinner. Do you even know how alluring you are?”
     Sighing with pleasure and womanly pride, Kate raised her hand to his face and traced a line from his brow to his lips. “Kiss me, Edward.”

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