Chipping Away

My kids haven’t been sleeping well lately, which means Mom hasn’t been sleeping well either. I’m thankful they had a restful sleep last night. B is at school and M is down watching a movie. Hubby is at work, and now I need to write.

I did get to write last night and got down 2009 words. I could have kept going, but it was late and I needed some sleep. I feel like this is the last leg of the journey for this story. Edward is ready to propose even though he’s unsure of Kate’s reaction and response. Kate still feels some lingering loyalty to her dead husband, and she’s unsure if she can fit into Edward’s world. She hates the media and doesn’t really care to live her life under the microscope. Not to mention she worries the effect it’ll have on her daughter, Mary.

Time to find out what happens next…

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