Hello 2013

Happy New Year!

I’ve made it my goal to finish this novel and get it published digitally this year. My plan is to finish writing by the end of February. Then do any necessary editing in March. And finally publish in April.

I was able to make some headway around Christmas on a part that I’d been blocked on for most of December. It took re-reading those troublesome chapters to get myself back into the place I needed to be to finish that scene. It’s amazing to me that all it took was re-reading those pages. Sometimes it’s just the smallest thing that leads to bigger and better things.

Once I finish To Love Twice, I’ll go back to work on my very first novel, Emily’s Choice. It was originally called Matoaka and I started writing it in High School! It’s been through a few drafts, and I want to be done with it this year and get it published!

Those are my goals for 2013…What are yours?

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