Emily's Choice - Cover Reveal

I know it's been a while since I've stopped in here at my blog, and one of my resolutions this year is to write more. So to start the New Year off, I have some exciting news!

I've just put my third novel up on Amazon Kindle for pre-order: Emily's Choice. My release date is set for March 8, 2016!!

Are you ready for some more exciting news? Today is the Cover Reveal!

Here's a short blurb about Emily's Choice:

The night before her wedding, Emily Camancho walks in on her fiancé with her hated cousin. Her mistake: ignoring all the rumors over the years, when the truth had been staring her in the face the whole time. Pregnant, devastated and determined not to make that mistake, or any mistake again, she flees across the country to Boston with her stepsister.

Eighteen months later, Emily's stepmother is in a terrible car accident and isn't expected to live through the week. She rushes home, daughter in tow, to New Mexico to say goodbye. Her father and stepsister are too far lost in their grief to manage the funeral arrangements, so it falls on Emily's shoulders. That, along with keeping Sadie oblivious to the worst of it, leaves little time to remember why she left to begin with.

Until Jason shows up and reminds her. He's well aware of the mistake he made and now that there isn't a country dividing them, he's wasting no time in rectifying that mistake. She's home and he's going to make sure she knows that she's always been the one for him. Finally the truth will come out, the rumors will be put to rest and when Emily's life is on the line, the only man she’s ever loved will put his own life on the line, proving once and for all how much he loves her.



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