My Favorite Movies - "B" is for Bond, James Bond

Is there anything I can say here, that you don't already know? It's a franchise that has cycled through actors from the incomparable Sean Connery to the latest Daniel Craig. A story that's timeless and intriguing and never boring. My husband and I purchased the box set when it was released and we spent a few weeks watching all the movies in order. We've since added Skyfall to our collection and watched Spectre the other night.

Maybe because he was the first, but Sean Connery will always be my favorite Bond. And until Daniel Craig took the helm, I wasn't particularly fond of any other Bond - always wishing Sean would make a comeback. But I do love Daniel Craig and I like the way he plays Bond. I like his humor and his mischievous nature.

In my opinion, when you have a franchise that spans 50 years, there's going to be some changes made. You can't expect a new generation of people to understand what the time was like 20 years before they were born...or even longer than that in some cases! I like that the story is updated a bit for the times. The new spy equipment, the new cars, even Bond's new attitude. He's still a ladies man, but I feel like he's a bit smoother with it.

As long as they keep making Bond movies, I will surely keep watching them...unless they bring back Roger Moore. No thank you.

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Bond can be super cool. The last we watched was two or three years ago, and I forget the title. It was a good escape. I agree with the generational change.
Great post. Best of luck with the AZs.
Silvia @

I think Daniel Craig makes a great Bond and I've loved the ones that he has done. It will be interesting to see who they bring on next.

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