My Favorite Movies - "R" is for Robin Hood: Men in Tights

"The legend had it coming ... Find out where Robin Hood put his Little John, what made Will Scarlet, and what did Friar Tuck into his tights that Maid Marian all of a quiver?"

I know lately I've been starting with a quote, but the tagline for the movie is so fabulous, I had to use it! This movie has been a family favorite for years. My sister and I quote this movie often and even though it's been years since we've watched it (at least for me), we can still quote it pretty well. I heard it's on Netflix right now, so I think I'll be adding it to my weekend activities!

My Favorite Movies - "L" is for Love Actually

[Natalie, a secretary, is greeting the Prime Minister]
Natalie: Hello, David. I mean "sir". Shit, I can't believe I've just said that. And now I've gone and said "shit" - twice. I'm so sorry, sir.
Prime Minister: It's fine, it's fine. You could've said "fuck," and then we'd have been in real trouble.
Natalie: Thank you, sir. I did have an awful premonition that I was gonna fuck up on the first day. Oh, piss it!

My Favorite Movies - "J" is for Jaws

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Jaws, the movie that made New Englanders afraid of the water for the first time in their lives. We're always told that the water in New England is too cold for sharks and so it's a rare, rare occasion to find a shark in northern waters. Then to have a man-eating shark terrorizing a tourist town, never happen. But it did, in glorious high definition, all gory and action-packed.