Camp NaNoWriMo

April 1st marked the beginning of Camp NaNoWriMo. Thirty days of writing abandon. For me, this works perfectly. My debut novel is published and I need that extra push to get me writing again. My plan is to publish Emily’s Choice in June, which gives me almost three months to get it rewritten and reviewed/critiqued before my self-imposed deadline.

Today is day 4 and as of last night, I was 1325 words ahead of schedule. Thanks to the hubs, I was able to escape to Panera for some peaceful writing time. I not only caught up on my word count, but I surpassed it as well.

Book Reviews

I saw on Twitter the other day, someone tweeted “If you love a book, write a good review. I promise you will make the author’s day.” And I have to say, it’s so true.

I self-published my debut novel last week, and so far I’ve gotten 5 reviews - all 5/5 stars. And every time I read one, it really does make me smile and feel so good. I find myself checking Amazon throughout the day to see if someone new has reviewed my novel.

Emily's Choice

Well, a week has gone by since I published my debut novel To Love Twice. I’m happy with the amount of sales, considering I’m unknown and I’m not familiar with too many marketing strategies. The feelings of pride and accomplishment haven’t diminished at all over the past week…and I wonder if they ever will. The first is always special!

So Close...

…and yet so far!

I’ve gotten all the critiques back and am excited to sit down, go through them all, and get this novel finished! The past month has been so busy and I haven’t been good about making myself sit down and write.

I feel like I have so much on my plate to accomplish, and I’m very overwhelmed with it all. I really should sit down, make a to-do list, prioritize it all and then get to work. And really, I should set aside certain days for each project. I think that would help me to stay focused.

Submission Queries

These are hard. I can write circles around the creative writing genre. Ask me to sit down and tell you why you should love my book, what it’s about and what my vision is for the marketing, and I draw a complete blank.

I’m sure this kind of writing comes naturally to some, and others learn. I was never taught and so now I struggle quite a bit with it. I always feel as if my queries are wooden responses to the pertinent information. I never feel as if my personality or my writing style comes through clearly.

Dream Sequences

I’ve been playing around with dream sequences for my new project, True Love’s Revenge. I love the idea of using these dreams as a way for Flynn to communicate with Libby. (Flynn is Drake, changed the name.) I was writing the sequences as I was writing the book, but I’m finding it hard to switch back and forth. I finally took all the sequences out of the story and put them in another document. My plan is to work on either the sequences or the story, not both at the same time.

Has anyone else tried this? How did it work for you?

To Love Twice - Finished!

Well, after a marathon writing session over the weekend, I got the second draft of To Love Twice complete! It’s a huge relief to have that story worked out and completed. I sent it off to my writing group and am eagerly awaiting their thoughts and opinions.

It’s an odd moment when one finishes a project they’ve devoted over a year to. I’m happy that it’s finished, sad that it’s finished, worried that it’s not up to par, excited to be so close to publishing. I’m a kaleidoscope of emotions.