Guys, Let’s Talk About Your Tongues …

Honestly, what’s with your propensity for sticking it out in pictures? Do you think it’s sexy? Are we supposed to be impressed by it? Is it code for something?

I’m positive I’m not alone in my wish that you’d leave your tongues in your mouth where they belong. The first image I want to see of a potential “date” is not one of your tongue hanging out of your mouth.

So what are you trying to accomplish with that picture? I see someone who doesn’t care. Someone who thinks it’s all a big joke. Or a game. And maybe it is to you … and if it is, why aren’t you on Tinder or something similar?

I’ve seen plenty of you guys getting specific about what you do and don’t want to see in our profiles … I really think it’s about time one of us spoke up and told you what we do and don’t want to see in yours.

Number 1: your tongue.

Show us your real smile, show us you love life, show us you’re interested in having fun and getting to know us.

And if none of those apply, at least show us your IQ is higher than the dog who’s sticking his head out of the car window. (Because honestly, that’s what some of you look like.)

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