Guys, Let’s Talk About Your Profiles …

Last week, I mentioned that men have specific do’s and don’t’s for women when it comes to their profiles and profile pictures. I thought it would be a good idea to turn the tables and express our wishes.

I’ve been on these apps on and off for about seven months now and here’s what I’ve seen from men when describing what they do and don’t want to see in our profiles:

  • full body shots
  • our whole face
  • unfiltered pictures
  • our eyes
  • us, by ourselves

I think all of those are valid and not too much to ask for.

So guys, here’s what we want:

  • full body shots, fully clothed
  • your whole face, in the light
  • your eyes
  • you, by yourself
  • fewer action shots
  • an actual profile

Let’s take these one at a time …

Guys, we want to see your whole self as much as you want to see us. Are you as tall as you said in your profile? Are you heavier or lighter than your profile suggests? What’s your shape? Inquiring minds want to know.

Stop posting pictures of your face hidden in the shadows. What good does that do us? Unless you’re going for super creepy stalker serial killer, it’s not helping your case.

They say eyes are the windows to our souls. Whether that’s true or not, you can tell a lot about a person from their eyes. And we want to see yours! Personally, I’m a huge eye person. Do you have laugh lines? What color are your eyes? Do you have sexy long lashes? A unibrow or perfectly sculpted eye brows?

Guys, we don’t need to see you with all your buddies. We especially don’t want that to be the first picture we see … think about it – the same reason you want us alone in our pictures is the same reason we want you alone in yours. How do we know who you are when you’re surrounded by all your friends? I mean, it’s great that you have friends – and that actually helps a little to move you away from the super creepy stalker serial killer category.

We don’t need to see an entire profile full of action shots. We get it, you’re active – you like to do sporty things, guy things, manly things. Here’s an idea – show us a shot of you holding a baby, cooking dinner, pushing a vacuum … or a shot of your Netflix queue, your music playlist, your favorite haunt that you’d like to become “our” favorite haunt.

And finally, your profiles themselves. FILL THEM OUT! Tell us about yourself. You want us to message you and you don’t like it when we message with “Hi, I’m so-and-so, how are you?” Well, what else are we supposed to say? You haven’t left us any conversation starters. Unless you want us to comment on your super creepy stalker serial killer look …

Oh! And one last little suggestion … stop calling us out for the bad behavior of a few women you’ve met on these apps. Not all of us are jerks. I can promise you, if you’re raging on about women you’ve had a bad time with on the app, you’re being swiped left by the rest of us.

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